Throwing Wrenches

November 21, 2014 at Electric Maid | 44 minutes

Throwing Wrenches

Reverbnation Top 10 DC area alt rock band

Throwing Wrenches is a Washington DC area alt rock band. The band mixes the energy of punk with modern day rock into their original music.

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Genre Rock

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Comments | 10
Andre 9 months ago


Phil (wolverine ovens) 9 months ago

NOIIICE WUN M8T! Awesome set, hope I see you performing in Austin dude

Sandeep 10 months ago

Sick live set

PAE 10 months ago

I saw this LIVE - Awesome!

Ty 10 months ago

Hey i just found you all here, your work is pretty nice keep it up. You all are pretty young for this, I'm impressed.

Mazi Garagozlo 10 months ago

Great set guys i hope you all win!

Mateo 10 months ago

Cool set, great music! Good luck with SXSW, Shyaer

PAE 10 months ago

Sounds great!

PAE 10 months ago

Awesome set! Looking forward to more!

Throwing Wrenches 10 months ago

Wanna see what this set looked like? Check out this vid from the second track on this recording: