Throwing Wrenches

Reverbnation Top 10 DC area alt rock band

Throwing Wrenches is a Washington DC area alt rock band. The band mixes the energy of punk with modern day rock into their original music.

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Sets 5
Genre Rock

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Comments | 10
Andre 8 months ago


Phil (wolverine ovens) 9 months ago

NOIIICE WUN M8T! Awesome set, hope I see you performing in Austin dude

Sandeep 9 months ago

Sick live set

PAE 9 months ago

I saw this LIVE - Awesome!

Ty 9 months ago

Hey i just found you all here, your work is pretty nice keep it up. You all are pretty young for this, I'm impressed.

Mazi Garagozlo 9 months ago

Great set guys i hope you all win!

Mateo 9 months ago

Cool set, great music! Good luck with SXSW, Shyaer

PAE 9 months ago

Sounds great!

PAE 9 months ago

Awesome set! Looking forward to more!

Throwing Wrenches 9 months ago

Wanna see what this set looked like? Check out this vid from the second track on this recording: