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South Sudanese Artist & Community Activist

Born in Kaya – South Sudan, Barnabas Samuel is a South Sudanese Artist/Song-Writer, Community Activist, and Author. He is also a humanitarian, Co-Founder of the Community Development Centre – CDC and an entrepreneur. He was earlier known by many as a Gospel Evangelist, and was the Founder/Speaker of the Bible Truth Sowers. Most people connect to him for his inspirational messages & words, indeed, he is ‘Barnabas’ the son of encouragement. He Loves Horses and he is more proactive about Reggae music, though he also does Afrobeat, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Rumba, RnB, Afro Pop, etc. Barnabas Samuel’s musical journey started in his old days in the church, in September 2021, he released his debut album SAMBARA and you can bet from the sharp lyrics confronting political injustices, awaking public social conscience, giving hope and bringing the issues of the people to the forefront that he is on a mission to represent the poor and oppressed of his people. In his song Suluta Wa Fata he says the intro “De ma mini de minana Junubin” which translates ‘This is not from me but from us the South Sudanese’

Barnabas Samuel

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