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Folk / Rock / Ambient

While some artists put emphasis on their message or their complex musical arrangements, Bears of Legend count more on emotions and atmospheres. Each piece of their debut album "Good Morning , Motherland" presents an eloquent variation of their process. They perform a homecoming experience, both in content and in creation. The group delivers genuine emotions with the sound of folk instruments from a vivid period, harmonies of tonal voices evoking a church and rhythms of a classical choir. Since they got together, almost 2 years ago in Mauricie, Quebec and outside the region, Bears of Legend has formed a real buzz that’s here to stay. One can sense how united are the seven members, David Lavergne, Guillaume Grenier, Francis Perron , Christelle Chartray, Jacynthe P. Morand, Jean- François Grenier and Claudine Roy on the album, and see how they magically unite on stage.

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Bears of Legend

Trois Rivières, Québec


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