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Belema Edward Briggs (born January 28,1997), professionally known as Belema is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer. He was born in Lagos Nigeria , and fell in love with singing at an early age. Though never recording anything till the year 2016, Belema was always writing lyrics as a means of recreation and self expression. After finding himself Lost and needing direction in Life he started recording himself on a regular basis in 2019 and also started learning how to produce his own instrumentals. Belema used the Covid lockdown to develop himself and would record and produce from the time he woke up till he slept. By 2021 he made a realization that music is power and has an ability to influence people greatly. Being a Christian himself Belema decided to make the switch over to gospel music as a means to expand the kingdom and keep people refreshed in the spirit. Belema is devout and loves finding opportunities to tell people about salvation, and the return of Jesus Christ. He hopes to travel the world one day performing his songs and winning souls for the Lord Jesus Christ


Rivers State


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