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one-man folk band/foot stomp folk

Cardinal Folk credits his love of folk music to either the ghost of ex-duckpin bowling world record holder and truck driver, Charlie Getz, or the Shenandoah Bowling Lanes Tuesday afternoon Senior Bowling League; it just depends on what day you ask him. Cardinal Folk bought six lane duck pin bowling alley, Shenandoah Bowling Lanes, on the eve of his twenty first birthday and ran it for two years. While operating the alley, Cardinal Folk began listening to bluegrass, traditional country, and folk music per the request of bowling patrons and quickly fell in love with the folk instrumentation, traditional country melodies, and bluegrass tempos. When Cardinal Folk sold the bowling alley, picked up guitar, and started writing songs, he discovered these elements at the core of his music.

Cardinal Folk

Harrisonburg, VA


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