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Rookie comes off as a lyrical journal, a beam of d

Primarily known as the girl from the duet Tricot Machine, Catherine Leduc now returns with Rookie, her first solo album. Like a fountain emerging from the gulf that is the folk movement of today, the fragile force of this lush blooming is simply bewitching. Rekindling with her guitar, she took the time necessary to get used to this newfound impetus and fully ease into her renewed songwriter nature. A few months later, she releases her first album, in which animals and sports analogies intermingle. Rookie comes off as a lyrical journal, a beam of dream pop, a balm of magical folk. After releasing three albums and winning many awards, Tricot Machine took a break. During that time, Catherine started working on her solo project and did the spadework in preparation for a new sound that would be different from what the duet had done before.

Catherine Leduc

Austin, TX


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