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A husband & wife singer songwriter duo

Presenting COALMONT: the singer/songwriter husband and wife duo that are Nate & Stephanie Esau. They originally met in 2005 in a classic story of guy meets girl, guy likes girl, guy inquires of her availability, and guy is shut down. After 4 years, they were reunited, married and then went on to form the duo known as Coalmont. They find inspiration in artistic acts such as The Civil Wars, Johnny Cash & June Carter, Fleetwood Mac, Mumford & Sons and their sound is a reflection of their love for these styles of timeless music. Juno Award winning artist Brian Doerksen says of their music, “This is probably the best EP that almost all of you will have never heard of … this husband and wife duo is a stunning mix of grit and smooth, and huge dynamic range with both of their voices.” Nowadays, you can find Nate & Stephanie making music together with their banjo & accordion skills and playing shows wherever their music will take them.


Austin, TX


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