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Unique/Alternative Singer Songwriter

Eden is a nineteen year-old songwriter from Auckland, New Zealand, described by Stan Walker and Danjel Bedingfield as a "true artist". She first began her songwriting career at age fifteen, from being sponsored by Laurie Williams Guitars, then gained success throughout high school in receiving the SmokefreeRockquest National Women's Musicianship Award (2011) and the Play it Strange Peace Song Award (2011). Eden's influences include Florence and the Machine, Stevie Nicks, Eva Cassidy, and Kate Bush. The originality of her craft is most defined by the sweet and urgent nature of her vocals which deliver strong melodies, incorporating elements of performance poetry, blues, and pop. The acoustic guitar is a constant in the instrumentation of her songs - keeping intimate folk singer/songwriter roots when other elements such as electronic drums, synth, and electric guitar are added. "A writer working in a new space" - Jordan Luck, Exponents.

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Austin, TX