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Flip Damon-Singer/Songwriter/Solo Artist/Producer

Flip Damon is a singer-songwriter, solo artist and producer. He is the former drummer of the seventies group, "Horn, Wood, & Silver". The band played the party circuit in the metro DC area in the day, and after disbanding later, the lead guitarist, J. R. Matthews, and Damon formed a songwriting and production team. They opened their recording studio in Maryland. Today Flip Damon owns and operates his own studio in Virginia, and is recording on the Isle Royale Records label. His most recent release, "A Sunset in Time" is an album of 9 songs. He continues to write and record new songs, and is inspired by many great artists, including Brian Wilson, of Beach Boys fame, Chris Rea, and great groups such as The Eagles.

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Flip Damon

Brandy Station, VA