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Hair Nation Tour

"Hair Metal" fans rejoice! Set.fm is partnering with all of the bands on the SirusXM Hair Nation Tour and will be recording select shows on the tour for immediate release as limited edition collectible laminates and instant digital downloads. Each laminate will contain scratch-off codes so that fans may download all of the bands performances of a given night.

The tour consists of Jack Russell's Great White, which features VNUE's own Chief Creative Officer Tony "Montana" Cardenas on guitar, as well as the Bullet Boys and Enuf Z'Nuff.

The Hair Nation Tour is presented by SirusXM and Live Nation, and is hosted by music industry veteran, author and SiriusXM host Eddie Trunk, who is appearing at some of the tour dates.

The tour offers listeners and music fans the chance to see the bands who have been giving us decades of larger-than-life rock music, and VNUE will be there to capture and expertly produce every note.

Zach Bair, CEO of VNUE, said, "This is the perfect tour for VNUE to leverage its DiscLive and set.fm technology and expertise, so that fans that have loved and followed these bands for years can have fresh live recordings of their favorite songs - performed at the very shows they attend! Plus, what is exciting to me is that I get to work with my friend and colleague Tony as an artist, in addition to his role with VNUE."

"VNUE and Set.fm has worked with some great artists, and we finally have a chance to work with my own band and bandmate, and the original voice of Great White, Jack Russell," said Cardenas. "All the pieces finally fell into place with this Sirius XM Hair Nation Tour. The bands out on this tour, Jack Russell's Great White, Enuff Z' Nuff and the Bullet Boys, are great representatives of the scene we all were part of in the late 80's and early 90's. We've even got the keeper of the rock and metal flame from the era, Eddie Trunk, as emcee. This will be a knockout keepsake for all the fans that are coming out to relive this era. So far, the shows have been great! Can't wait to get out and start recording these for real!"

Music fans across the globe can pre-order digital copies of the shows by downloading the set.fm app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, or by visiting http://bit.ly/HairNationSetfm.

For Limited Edition Laminates, fans can visit http://bit.ly/HairNationTour.

Fans may have the laminates shipped worldwide or may pick them up at the shows they are attending.

For more information about the Hair Nation Tour, please visit www.siriusxm.com. Hair Nation is a trademark of Sirius XM Radio Inc.

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Hair Nation Tour

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