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Xolani Khumalo (born September 27th 1997) known professionally as Hammy Sap is a South African musician hailing from soweto, Gauteng.His stage name derived from a "Hammy behavour a style of acting artificial or exaggerated ". Hammy's artistic product in shot Hammy Sap a nick name the musician had in high school. In 2017 after completing his matric studies he went to college to study music an production after 2 years of studying he dropped out of college to persue a career in music , He released his project " Blind Folded " on soundcloud followed by his single "4-five" on all the platforms. In 2019 saw the musician- a part of the southwestwav, win the hearts an respect of music lovers across the industry with his series of releases including 4-Five and others available on soundcloud. Then Hammy recently released new music singles tittled "Planet Mars" and Money Cryses.#hammysap

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