About the Artist

Rockabilly-Noir to soothe the troubled soul

Jeff Gladstone & The Bad Ideas are a Vancouver-based band of scoundrels and minstrels performing songs about lost love and lost minds. They blend elements of Blues, Swing, Film Noir and Old West into a live theatrical musical experience. Jeff Gladstone has traveled the country working as an actor, improvisor, playwright & musician, and has penned over 300 songs. Throughout his travels, he met percussionist Todd Biffard (Maria In The Shower) and guitarist Steve Charles (Viper Central, Petunia) who have teamed up, drawing together their personal and divergent musical stylings to bring you an evening of Bad Ideas. www.jeffgladstone.ca/thebadideas www.facebook.com/thebadideas "They're like shaky junkie tunes, like you might leap off the stage and attack us." "Grand Ole Opry meets Tom Waits." "Jeff's the only person I've seen who can flirt with the entire audience at once."

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Jeff Gladstone & The Bad Ideas

Austin, TX