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Gregory Pierre, professionally known as Kadda Sheekoff, is a Haitian singer and songwriter from Haiti who writes positive, uplifting songs that encourage people to work toward their dreams, while avoiding the use of profanity out of respect for his Mother. Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Gregory Pierre developed an interest in hip hop after initially disliking the genre for its use of vulgarity and misogyny. After adopting the name Kadda Sheekoff and recording songs in his Aunt's basement. Kadda Sheekoff employs various lyrical techniques in his songwriting. The rapper views hip-hop as a medium conducive to storytelling, he utilizes both metaphors and literal statements in his work. As a child Kadda Sheekoff took Flute lessons; he would later learn to play drums and piano, although he has had no formal training in these other musical instruments. In addition to music, Kadda Sheekoff has pursued other business ventures, including fashion.

Kadda Sheekoff

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