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Keith Lamar Roberts Jr., known professionally as Keep Right may be from small Sandusky, Ohio, but he harnesses a large presence on any beat or stage. Raised without a father around, a young he had a promising but rough start.  An intelligent student, Keep Right wasn’t focused to school and often found himself getting into trouble and feeling like something was missing.  Inspired by role models in music, Keep started writing rhymes and soon he had a secret collection, a stack of notebooks filled with flows. By 16, he started recording original material and the positive feedback from his peers fueled him forward.  Over the next few years, despite all the talent pouring out him, Keep was still in and out of trouble and trying to find his path. He lacked the guidance he needed, but eventually he found his calling in hip hop and began to spread his message through music. Today Keep Right is growing his audience and gaining national attention. He is where he should be, speaking his truth, yielding a message worth listening to against a mix that packs a lot of soul - both lyrically and musically.  

Keep Right



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