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Versatile Producer / Vocalist / Dj / Remixer

Keisty Dope is an artist from South Africa , known as Gopolang Phoofolo , the versatile producer is yet growing in his music career both as Producer and vocalist rounding it all up as he is a DJ , music for him has always been a center of love , self expression and a universe to explore , from the roots of Deep House to a musical journey of learning more musical styles Artist Keisty Dope is more than just a Producer , hes a Vocalist passionately who writes his own music ,with his drive being the love of music and working in a creative space in studio. The South African Based Musician is well known for songs Like #Growing where he was featured by Spin Worx on the House Africa 100% local Album which was dropped December 2018 going into 2019 confident enough with his own brand more music is to come from him . follow him here: Facebook : @RealKeistyDope Instagram: @keistydope Twitter : @keistydope

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Keisty Dope