About the Artist

DJ/producer from Canada

At the age of 16 years old, Preston made his first ever dance mix. People thought it was really good. He learned tutorials on how to DJ when he turned 17. In 2015, he worked on his debut album, which welcomed him to the digital distribution world. Now that he had more songs on the go, he released "Loyal" in January 2016. When summer of 2016 started, he has worked 4-5 months working on his third album "Trust". In September 2016, Preston was not feeling well and has had health problems due to his anxiety but anxiety never stopped the artist to make more music. He has released "Trust" that same month. When the artist became 19, he played at a local bar in his home town for the very first time, everyone enjoyed the music. On the day of his 20th birthday in 2017, he decided to release his fourth album "Fever". Few months later, Preston decides to change his style to a mix of trap and pop music after hearing newly influenced tracks at parties. Preston says, "I will never quit music. People won't forget the joy of my music. I wanted to change it up to gain more fans by changing a style. The reason why my new album is called "Don't Forget Me" is because I have a lot of support from my family, friends and everyone else that supports me". "I hope to continue this adventure of performing my DJ sets and making music. Hopefully one day, a new beginning will arise into fame. It will happen one day, just gotta be patient". The artist will continue making more music for everyone.

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Wawa, Ontario, Canada