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Kris has been listening, playing, mixing, re-mixing, producing and recording music throughout his entire life. He plays and produces and records music using a variety of acoustic, computer and electronic equipment. He has an eclectic taste in a variety of genres and eras. Kris has produced and played at music events for capacities of tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousand people in bars, clubs, commercial radio, Hollywood & private parties, pubs, raves, underground after-hours, etc. He likes to see people happy and dancing in Peace & Harmony. a large company that makes music, movies and electronics sent Kris an offer to work for them, but the company would own 100% of anything and everything he created. Kris couldn't/didn't sign this and instead started his own technology company with little money but very big ideas. You can stream and listen to over 16 hours (and growing) of free music mixes that Kris produced

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Kris Peterson

Austin, TX