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Muhammad Nazim Uddin, known pro fessionally as Nazim Khan, is an Artist, Poet, Blogger & Wikipedian from Chittagong, Bangladesh. Nazim Khan was born on the 11th February in 2000 in Anowara. He is currently studying at the University of Chittagong and Islamic Arabic University respectively. Nazim's childhood started with Madrasah. He passed his SSC exam in 2015 and HSC in 2017 from Barakhain Jamiya Jamhuria Fazil Madrasah. Later he got admitted to the University of Chittagong for higher education. Khan started his career as a Musical Artist in 2021 by distributing around 15+ songs like Thriling Heart, Thinking of You, Peace around the World, Love in the Darkness, Artist Is on Fire on different music platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Youtube Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music & so on. Moreover he wrote 4 books so far. Such as Boro Howar Sutro, Bangladesher Jelashomuher Namkoroner Itihash, Muslimah Sex Manual, Sankha; in which around 60 poems are added.

Nazim Khan

Anowara, Chittagong.


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