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Keep the dream alive...

Several years of hard work, good music and above all, a ton of dreams and you get Tommie Smith. Accompanied by an electric guitar, this dynamic duo is formed by two sisters, Belinda and Quinn. Their musical adventure takes off when Quinn got his first guitar and the discovery of an old Beatles album. Playing mainly in Montreal and wherever they have a chance, they have trodden scenes of Espace des Arts, Place Dupuis, Les 3 minots, etc.. Strong experience they have acquired in the company of internationally known opera singer Nils Brown, the two sisters want to create differently. Among their biggest influences both lyrical and instrumental, we find Al Green, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Wes Montgomery and The Smiths. After a year of competition, their greatest achievement to date has been to appear on a compilation EMI Canada. Already compared to Joss Stone or Adele, their voices and songs delight many. They will always tell you to keep the dream alive.

Tommie Smith

Austin, TX


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