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It was 1992 and the Top Pocket Jazz Quartet was at its peak in popularity. Playing TWO weekly house gigs at two different clubs in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. Known for playing an eclectic mix of jazz styles: Be-bop, fusion, latin, traditional and even jazz versions of pop tunes. Unfortunately, after a successful run of 3 years, the gigs started to dry up and the band went their separate ways. In late 2006 there was such a ground swell of interest from the fans of Top Pocket that three of the original members reunited (with special guest Andrily Tychanov on piano) for a one time show at the famous Rex Jazz and Blues Bar on Queen Street in Toronto. In 2008, Paul Stouffer (Keys) & 2012 Robin Habermehl (Sax/Flute) joined the band and they went in an entirely new direction! Both Paul & Robin are accomplished writers and brought a vast library of original material to the band. As a result, the bands performances now feature all original material, as will their upcoming CD release.

Top Pocket

Austin, TX


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