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ROOM 5 Lounge

Los Angeles, California · October 7, 2014

53 minutes | MP3 128

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Madeline Tasquin
ROOM 5 Lounge

About the performance

This was my first show in Los Angeles, so I was so grateful to all the wonderful loyal friends who helped spread the word about the show and helped me make sure there was an audience on a Tuesday night at 10pm!

I was joined by the very brave Anthony Verdugo (bass) and Adam Valdez (drums), who learned a bunch of my tunes in the 2 days leading up to the show. So great to have an excuse to hang out with such wonderful people, and I think it turned out pretty damn well considering the measly amount of time we had to rehearse together.

Next LA show: January 28 2015 at The Blue Whale in Little Tokyo


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