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Finding Your Financial Footing: Symphony C

· May 7, 2019

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Music Biz 2019
Finding Your Financial Footing: Symphony C

About the performance

Finding Your Financial Footing

Cash flow is a constant concern for artists. It’s why some sign bad label/publishing deals just to get a much-needed advance. It’s why others grind it out on the road instead of staying home or making new music. But a solid financial footing can change all of that. Financial security allows artists to wait for the deal they deserve rather than taking the first deal they can get. It allows artists to make the music they want to make rather than the music they have to make.

On this panel, leading business managers, accountants, financial planners, and financing services will discuss the strategies, tools, and other options available to help artists create the financial foundation needed to control their music career and legacy.

This session is part of our Music and Money: Financial Literacy Summit, powered by Lyric Financial

Following a successful debut in 2018, our Financial Literacy Summit is the perfect companion program for attendees asking, “I know how to MAKE money in the music business, but what do I do once I’ve EARNED it?” The program will unite artists, managers, agents, CPAs, lawyers and more for well-rounded discussions on how to secure your financial future. This year’s Summit will specifically cover how to build financial footing when cash flow is in flux, how to be the “CEO” of your business as an indie songwriter, and the ins-and-outs of alternative financing.

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