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Making Modern Metadata Standards Work, Symphony AB

· May 6, 2019

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Music Biz 2019
Making Modern Metadata Standards Work, Symphony AB

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Making Modern Music Metadata Standards Work

As the entertainment industry modernizes the links between ISWC, ISRC, EIDR, ISAN, and many other identifiers, along with the platforms that power them, what can be done to unify metadata systems, identify cross-format usage, and create scalable best practices? Where do data standards like DDEX fit? This final panel will draw on the topics of the day to discuss and propose new metadata standards, connections, and identifiers, with a focus on simplifying...not complexifying.

This session is part of our Metadata Summit presented by Dataclef and supported by DataArt, Exactuals, Nielsen Music, and VEVA Sound

For years, experts have forecast the tremendous importance of sophisticated metadata solutions to the future success of the music industry. The data challenges we face are no longer tomorrow’s problems, they are today’s. You may be surprised to learn, leading companies at the forefront of global music data are already operating technology platforms at scale which increase data accuracy, resolve conflicts, and maximize payments to rights holders.

Now in its seventh year, the Music Biz Metadata Summit returns in 2019 to offer substantive, in-depth discussions about how these solutions are operating in the real world today. Through case studies and panels with music data leaders, we will demonstrate how the solutions we’ve been waiting for are already beginning to make a difference worldwide.

We will also examine major legal and political changes (like the Music Modernization Act) and how they affect these solutions. Modern music rights requires significant public-private partnership, as we usher in new music metadata paradigms. We explore what these partnerships mean for music technology platforms of all kinds.

Looking to the future, we will discuss cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and blockchain to unravel their complicated but essential role in music rights. We explore how creating shared vocabulary, data standards, and best practices are essential for continuing the initial success we’ve seen so far.

Join us as we reveal the inner workings of today’s metadata universe, the hot new technologies and standards essential to continuing forward progress, and how your company can benefit from making metadata a primary business focus.

Emcee: Vickie Nauman, CrossBorderWorks

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