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Managing The Artist In 2020

· May 8, 2019

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Music Biz 2019
Managing The Artist In 2020

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Presented by Music Managers Forum (MMF-US), Moderated by Neeta Ragoowansi, MMF-US

New landscapes in the music industry are changing the flow and sources of revenue streams, brand strategies, social media and streaming marketing approaches… and pretty much everything else. How do managers approach building growth strategy for their artists and their own businesses and careers? How do they find the most innovative metadata, publishing and payment tools? How do they uncover new ground, new revenue streams, new promotional and marketing outlets? What right now is showing the most beneficial for their artists? What do they think will in the near future? Now that there are more distribution options casting a wider net, is the pie getting bigger and if so, what’s being done to rightfully claim an artist’s fair share? What are managers doing as a community to acquire and share resources, and to get better deals, better opportunities and better terms for their artists? What are the crucial points to stay on top of for the modern manager going forward? How does a manager approach working with new artists vs maintaining success and growing the current stable of artists on their roster?

This panel will engage in a discussion with a diverse group of managers and tap into their current approaches, analyzing strategies in these various areas balanced against their artists’ creative paths. They’ll also explore the concepts of building coalitions to strengthen the artists negotiating power, advocacy considerations, and best practices to build further success.

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