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Radio Super Session, Symphony C

· May 6, 2019

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Music Biz 2019
Radio Super Session, Symphony C

About the performance

Radio Super Session

Broadcast radio rates #1 in several music related categories; it commands more weekly listening hours than either YouTube, or Spotify, or Pandora. Radio has a larger audience for music than any streaming service, and depending on whose numbers you believe, a larger audience than all of the music streaming services combined. Radio also claims to be the leading source for music discovery, and it’s essential in providing a platform for artists to talk with their fan base.

Yet, “radio” gets no respect.

There is a furious debate about the future of radio. Some pundits argue that radio is heading for obsolescence, thanks to changing car tech, smart speakers and streaming service penetration among youngsters. “Radio” points to its local connections, personalities, programming and digital footprint as reasons why the future is bright.

The panel will look at the numbers and have a healthy panel discussion to uncover:

What is really happening with radio listeners- what are the facts?

How will radio adapt to the changing digital footprint and evolving tech?

How is Country radio affected, and what’s this mean for Country broadcasters?

How does the music industry stand to benefit?

What are the risks to the music industry if radio becomes diminished?

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