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The Journey of a Music Entrepreneur (Belle Meade)

· May 5, 2019

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Music Biz 2019
The Journey of a Music Entrepreneur (Belle Meade)

About the performance

The music entrepreneur is not a one size fits all title. As varied as each individual and company may be, the motivations and pitfalls can be quite similar. We explore and examine real-life startup businesses — from record labels and music education to a music venture capital fund — and discuss the hallmarks and pitfalls which every music entrepreneur faces. We will also discuss the best and worst practices of running your own music business, as well as examine our shared experiences. Audience participation through Q&A is encouraged for a larger discussion of collective drivers which keep us music entrepreneurs on our journey.

This session is part of our Career Development Workshops.

Calling all students, young professionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those looking for their big break in the industry! Educating and inspiring the next generation of music business executives is a major part of Music Biz’s commitment to the industry, and we’re excited to embody that commitment at this year’s Conference. Our Career Development Workshops will guide you on a path for long-term success in sessions led by those who have already tread on that path.

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