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The Label Artist Leverage Shift, Griffin ABC

· May 5, 2019

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Music Biz 2019
The Label Artist Leverage Shift, Griffin ABC

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The Label Artist Leverage Shift

Once upon a time and barely 20 years ago, there was really only one way to get music heard — through a label. That’s because a label had proprietary manufacturing and distribution systems, priority relationships to get the record made and promoted, the exclusive use of professional personnel, and the only pockets deep enough to launch an artist over the very high barrier to entry. As a result of that reality, artists had little to no leverage and barely any choice—and the deals reflected the reality that something was better than nothing. But, that was then. Now, none of this remains true. Technology, innovation and entrepreneurship have created a plentitude of options. Recording can be done in your house with some software. Videos can be created and posted on an iPhone. Manufacturing is hardly a concern for most. The professional personnel are now consultants and available for anyone’s hire. Distribution options are abundant. Money can be attained through crowdfunding and as a result-artists now have the ability to launch themselves over the threshold without any kind of label. All of this calls into question the role of a label and the justification of their split of the pie. It has artists’ asking themselves why they should sign with a label at all and labels’ thinking about what more they can offer to artists to bridge the ever widening leverage shift between them.

We’ll bring together representatives from indie distribution, major and indie labels, and management along with an artist for a hands-on, interactive workshop, with labels and distribution presenting their case for why an artist should sign, the artist and a manager talking out their decision, and a manger or business manager talking about their experiences and the pros and cons of each decision.

This session is part of the Entertainment & Technology Law Conference

With the recent passage of the Music Modernization Act, and of course the ever-changing technological landscape, Music Biz’s Law Conference aims to give our attendees a road map to navigate the shifting legal path that lies ahead. This year’s multi-faceted program notably will feature the first keynote from Mitch Glazier since taking the helm as Chairman and CEO of the RIAA, and will bring law experts together with major players from all facets of the industry to discuss a range of issues including: the legalities of starting your own publishing company, the pros and cons of independent distribution versus working with a record label, managing celebrity estates, and how the use of AI in songwriting will affect copyright law.

Today’s program will be hosted by Fox Rothschild LLP and its entertainment law partners Ken Abdo, Lori Landew, Tim Mandelbaum and Michael Reinert who will emcee the program and answer any questions about the firm and its services.

Five CLE Credits have been approved by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education.

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