Set Promotion


Promoting Your Set

Marketing is vital component to any successful set. Be sure and take the necessary time and preparation to properly promote your show. Below you'll find baisc suggestions to get your show off to a good start.

At the Merch Booth

With, your merch booth gets a major upgrade. Make sure your merch person lets your fans know that along with that poster or t-shirt, they can take the full set home with them tonight. And with the app, they can have the full recording in their hands the instant you get off stage. Have a stack of cards spread out on the table and a table tent with detailed information for your fans.

On Stage

Give a shout out! Fans won’t know they can get a recording of that night’s show unless you tell them. Here’s some help on what to say:

Promotional Materials

Let fans know your show is going to be on by incorporating the logos and messaging into your physical promotional material.

Download multiple versions of our logo to incorporate into your tour posters and handbills.

Hand out fliers at the door before a show, scatter them throughout the venue, and keep a stack at your merch booth.

Social Media

You already promote your shows on sites like Facebook and Twitter, so just link your recordings to your posts! Your fans can listen to a clip from your show for free and go check out your detailed artist page.

It’s ok to share more than once, your fans may not see every tweet or post.

Email List

Email is the most direct and effective way to communicate with your fans. People on your email list are often your most loyal supporters - they’re the ones who want to bring the experience of your live show home with them and will be first to tell their friends about your show.

Link to your profile if you’re promoting multiple sets or a tour. You can also link individually to a specific recording. And be sure to let your fans know about the app!


Coordination is key. You can amplify your content’s reach by utilizing social media together with your official website. Embed or link to your profile so that your fans can hear your music or get information on your show dates. If you use WordPress to host your site, you may use the WordPress Widget to display your recent and future sets.

Concert Listings

When you post the dates to your tour on your website or sites like Songkick and Bandsintown, attach links to your recordings so fans know in advance they will be able to get a copy of the show.

If communicating with local press or bloggers, make sure to spread the word about Talk about how enhances the live music experience for fans and how you use it to support your career.

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